April 29th, 2013
The Story Of Superstorm Sandy Through The Eyes Of NYC’s Digital First Responders

When Sandy crippled New York, techies from City Hall to Williamsburg rushed to the rescue. A live storytelling session about their resilience, creativity in crisis, and how it’s shaping the city of the future.

Narrated by:
Chuck Salter, Senior Writer, Fast Company

Rachel Haot, Chief Digital Officer, City of New York
Jessica Lawrence, Executive Director, NY Tech Meetup
Emily Rahimi, Social and Digital Media Manager, New York City Fire Department
Nigel Snoad, Product Manager, Google Crisis Response

Read more at: http://bit.ly/ZXo6ZJ.

April 18th, 2013

Students in the MOUSE Corps demo at NY Tech Meetup.

MOUSE trains students to become digital media and technology experts in school.  High school students from across NYC can participate in a program that allows them to explore career pathways through professional mentors and internships and develop technology projects that address a social need.

To learn more about MOUSE, visit mouse.org

December 5th, 2012


What’s the potential for the City’s public payphones? Tonight we launched the city’s first payphone design challenge, Reinvent Payphones, at the New York Tech Meetup.

Participate in Reinvent Payphones and create virtual and/or physical prototypes that modernize existing payphone infrastructure for a safer, more sustainable, accessible, and informed city.

Join urban designers, technologists, and policy experts and submit your prototype by February 18th, 2013. Visit nyc.gov/reinventpayphones to learn more and register for updates.

Take part in telecommunications history!

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March 5th, 2012
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February 9th, 2012


Are you in one or more of these Top NYC Tech Meetup Groups? New York is also neck and neck with the Bay Area for the title of Top Tech Town as represented by Meetup RSVPs.

Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman unveiled these and other fascinating statistics about the explosion of tech meetup groups around the world in his “State of the Meetup Tech Union” last night at New York Tech Meetup, which is the largest Meetup in the world at 21,500+ members!

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November 7th, 2011

The NYC-as-tech-incubation-engine meme will only continue to grow thanks to Mayor Mike and the imminent selection of one or two prominent academic institutions to build a technology research center within one of the city’s five boroughs. The list of those vying for the $100 million in incentives include Stanford, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, NYU, Rockefeller University and India’s Amity University.

(Source: forbes.com)

October 12th, 2011

Photos from the 10/11/11 NY Tech Meetup

Credit: All photos taken by Clay Williams/NYTM

Mayor Bloomberg at NYTM October 11, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg at NYTM October 11, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg at NYTM October 11, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg at NYTM October 11, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg at NYTM October 11, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg at NYTM October 11, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg at NYTM October 11, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg at NYTM October 11, 2011

NYTM’s Managing Director Jessica Lawrence with Mayor Bloomberg

BigApps 3.0 Announcement NYTM Oct 11, 2011

October 11th, 2011

"30 years ago, I could have been sitting out there…"

Mayor Bloomberg made a surprise visit to tonight’s NY Tech Meetup to launch Big Apps 3.0—the third annual contest for software developers using City data—and announce the creation of the Mayor’s Council on Tech and Innovation and immigration seminars for startups. 

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