March 6th, 2013

Reinvent Payphones Winner: NYC Loop - Best in Creativity



The existing condition of the city-wide payphone system has created a latent opportunity to rethink the relationship between a more technologically-relevant, new payphone design and the city’s vibrant public space. The NYC Loop will serve as an access point to the latest technology while simultaneously supporting the public spaces that make NYC a unique place in which to live, visit and do business.

NYC Loop combines a beautiful, contemporary payphone with a uniquely tailored public space that can be chosen to suit New York’s diverse communities. It provides sound harmonizing technology as well as a smart screen for making calls and enhancing personal mobile communication. Piezoelectric pressure plates convert kinetic energy into electric energy to supply the Loop with power.

The Loop also features a responsive projector that creates an “information puddle” on the sidewalk with which any passerby can interact—an amazing opportunity for local artists or as a means of generating revenue from advertising space. The iconic design of NYC Loop and the relationship of its public space to the city’s neighborhoods will become an integral part of New York City’s urban identity.


  • Create an environment in which the latest technology is easily accessible to the general public
  • Facilitate vibrant public space throughout the five boroughs
  • Utilize untapped kinetic energy to develop a sustainable power source




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