November 29th, 2012


This weekend, join the NYC Tech community—coming together as #NYTechResponds—for a Hurricane Sandy Relief Agency Conference, Hackathon, and Sandy Fundraising Campaign Kick-off Reception in New York City. Sign up here:

AGENDA: Sandy Hackathon and Relief Agency Conference

Saturday, December 1st

9am to 11am: Relief Agency Conference 

Panel discussions on:

  • The recovery so far - what’s worked, what’s not worked
  • What’s needed next to support long term recovery
  • What we need to better prepare for the next disaster, and what’s needed to allow us to respond more effectively

11am - 12:30am: Project Pitches Hackathon Kick-off

  • Team Creation, API & Platforms Overview

1:30pm to 6:30pm: Hackathon Day 1

7pm to 9pm: Pizza “Thank You” Dinner for Relief Workers and Hackers

Sunday, December 2nd 

8:00am to 2:00pm: Hackathon Day 2

3pm to 5pm: Hack Presentations, Reviews and Awards. Prizes include:

  • The hacker who raises the most money for the #NYTechResponds giving campaign will win 30 minutes to pitch to Steve Schlafman
  • 30 minutes to pitch to a partner at ff Ventures (“open” all hack category)
  • $1,000 in total monetary prizes in the “open” all hack category for winners to allocate out to the disaster relief agencies of their choice
  • Two $500 prizes given by NYSERDA for best energy-related projects for winners to allocate out to the disaster relief agencies of their choice
  • Free weeks at a NYC co-working space
  • Other prizes to be announced soon

6pm to 8:00pm: Sandy #NYTechResponds Fundraising Campaign Reception

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