December 13th, 2011


December 2011 Economic Snapshot: Second Homes in NYC

Exactly how large is New York City’s secondary housing market? NYCEDC’s Research & Analysis crunched the numbers, and here are some of their findings:

  • According to the latest Decennial Census, only 1.2% of all housing units in New York City can be classified as secondary homes. The data, however, reveals significant variation at the borough and census tract level.
  • Most secondary homes are located in Manhattan, where they account for more than 3% of all housing units. The share of secondary homes outside Manhattan is considerable lower, ranging from 0.2% in the Bronx to 0.7% percent in Queens.
  • These figures compare to the median across all counties in the nation of 2.8%.


To hear more about these pieds-à-terre and how they impact the City, tune in to our podcast above and read the full snapshot.

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