About NYC Digital

At NYC Digital, our mission is to realize New York City’s potential as the world’s leading digital city. To achieve this, we focus on four core pillars: Access to TechnologyOpen GovernmentEngagement and Industry, outlined in Road Map for the Digital City. The goal of our work is to improve New Yorker’s digital engagement with their City Government by making every interaction simpler, faster and more meaningful - for every individual.

Major Digital City initiatives include:

  • Working to promote access to technology and free-wifi in parks and public places throughout NYC.
  • Reinventing NYC.GOV,  re-architecting and redesigning the City’s website, nyc.gov 
  • Providing guidance and consultation to managers of the City’s 250+ social media channels
  • Managing the City’s centralized NYCGOV Twitter account, Facebook page, Tumblr blog, Youtube page and Foursquare account, unveiled by Mayor Bloomberg in February 2012.
  • Supporting NYC’s technology industry, by meeting with startups interested in partnering with the City or being connected with City services.

To see the City’s digital track record, please view the NYC Digital Progress Report. 

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Technology in the Public Service, from the City of New York. Learn more about NYC Digital and follow the City of New York on Tumblr.